PDF queues

Enfocus PDF Queues are used in Instant PDF 3 to guide the entire PDF creation process. They contain all of the settings that influence PDF quality including print styles, PDF export, and Adobe PDF settings. They also contain an Enfocus PDF Profile and may contain Enfocus Action Lists and delivery information. PDF Queues utilized in Enfocus Instant PDF will automatically remain synchronized between designer and printer through CertifiedPDF.net.

Specification data

Name Black + 1 Spot
Version 1.0
Owner Enfocus, an EskoArtwork company
Type of owner Software Vendor
Short description Two color press workflows
Long Description This PDF Profile targets two color press workflows. That means that it allows gray or one CMYK plate and one spot color. It does not try to remap the file to two colors, just reports.
Market segment
Production process
Color space B&W + 1 Spot
Resolution High
Based on standard
Region of interest
Free categorisation


File type File name
PDF Profile Black_+_1_Spot.ppp
No description available

File type File name


Enfocus Solutions

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